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Action Workshops

The action-learning workshop frameworks we have developed are designed to be customized to suit our client's particular needs, outcomes requirements and organizational culture as well as the learning profile of each workshop participant. The participants are expected to bring forward and discuss real and relevant issues related to their own organization or situation, rather than the proverbial role-play scenarios. The workshop leader will have conducted individual interviews or surveys prior to the event to better understand the organization's context and plans. The models and approaches use in the delivery of each workshop are contained in Performance Equation.

The workshops are delivered within a highly interactive, candid, non-hierarchic, respectful and humorous environment which we believe is best conducive to learning, problem solving and issue resolution. The workshop leader makes optimal use of presentation, audio and visual tools and technology in the delivery of materials.

The generic version of each of the workshops can be offered as an in-house or public workshop or seminar which can be delivered to participants from diverse functions within the same organization, or from multiple organizations and industries. These types of events tend to be referred to as leadership-development seminars.

Strategic reflection team building (3-5 days)

The workshop is designed for an organization's leadership team and their leader to reflect upon their organization's current strategy in preparation for a comprehensive data-based strategic planning process. The "intact" team will discuss the key drivers of high-performance teams and their strategic significance, understand the issues impacting their own team's current-state dynamics and performance, and determine how they need to work together in order to effectively execute their organization's strategy and plan.

High-performance "intact" team (2-3 days)

The goal of the workshop is for an "intact" team to understand the key drivers of high-performance teams, identify their team's strengths and development needs, develop a team charter, and reach agreement on the team's development plan. A team effectiveness survey is usually conducted prior to the workshop, either as a self-assessment by team members, or complemented by a team 360-degree assessment by those rely upon or support the assessed team.

Strategic role definition (1 day)

The purpose of the workshop is for an intact team to learn about the both the FitGap©/RoleFit© role profiling and candidate fit assessment model, develop the profile for the addition of a new or substantially-modified strategic role being added to their team, and develop a comprehensive and effective on-boarding plan for the role's incumbent.

High-performance HR (3-5 days)

This workshop is intended for an organization's HR "intact" team who is committed to either transforming or significantly enhancing its programs or service-delivery model to better support the achievement of the organization's strategic goals. The participants will learn about the fundamental equations supporting high-performance organizations, teams and leadership, and will also discuss global HR best practices and trends. The "intact" team members will not only design a team-development plan for the HR team, but will also produce a high-level HR strategy for the organization they support.

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