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"High performance in a role occurs when the individual fits the specifications of their role at the reflex level. The 'fit' is never perfect, therefore development is needed."

 Accountability Clusters

"A role is simply an accountability cluster which gets created by clearly assigning mapped-out business process steps and project work breakdown structure elements."

 The Case for Teamwork

"The case for teamwork is not a philosophical one. Business processes and projects run horizontally across functions which are naturally designed vertically. Teamwork is about seamless handoffs, synergy and complementarity."

 Strategy Alignment

"There is no logical way to disassociate the performance of a team from the performance of its leader. Leadership is inherently about executing a business strategy through a team. Why do we insist on measuring and developing leaders, but not the teams they lead?

 Solving the Equation

"The solving of an organization's high-performance equation is not rocket science, nor is it coincidental or magical. The best minds in the world, and in history, have made this mystical complexity frightfully simple. It really boils down to demonstrating the courage, leadership and humility to execute."

About Integral

The Difference: Integral provides unique consulting and action-learning services, which are based on a combination of practical and global experience, as well as model-based and integrated methodologies. The solutions and counsel we provide are simple, integrated, sustainable and adapted to our client's industry, size and imperatives. The foundational models and concepts we use are published in Performance Equation.

Our Values: We are passionate about the values which define our team's culture, and the way, or "how", we design and deliver our solutions and interact with our clients, partners and colleagues.

Integrity: We tell the truth, politely, transparently, even if at the risk of negatively impacting our team or organization. We show the humility to understand and accept what our capabilities and capacity are. We make reasonable commitments, and are trusted to meet them.

Collaboration: We believe that teaming up with our clients, colleagues and partners is critical to clearly understanding our clients' needs and developing impactful and sustainable solutions and services. We consider our client's organisations as our own.

Respect: We respect each other's contribution, opinions and feelings, as well as professional code of ethics and government legislation. We seek and value diversity of thought and choices.

Perpetual Advancement: We know that in this exponentially changing environment, our clients expect their partners to continually strive to deliver better, faster and more valuable solutions and services to enhance their performance and competitive advantage. We never stop our quest to find or develop best-of-class innovation.

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